Create New Invoice from Appointment

To create a new invoice, there are 2 way. You can create an invoice from scratch or you can create one from within an appointment. Here we will show you how to create one from an appointment.

To create a new invoice from within an appointment, please follow these steps:

1. Go into edit the appointment you want to create an invoice for.

2. While in that appointment, you will see a light blue button at the top that says Create Invoice (see image below). Click the light blue, Create Invoice button. Please note, if you made changes to the appointment, please save the changes first, before creating an invoice.

3. When the New Invoice screen opens, you will notice that the Company Name, First Name, Last Name and custom fields are auto-populated with the information that was already listed on the appointment (if it wasn't on the appointment screen, it will not show here). You will also notice the service(s) the appointment was scheduled for is now listed in the item area. All you need to do is adjust the customer info, Due Date and quantity, if needed and add a price.

That's it! You just created your invoice. If you need further help, please see this article.

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